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Alabama Moon

Lexil: 720

Pages: 298
This story is about a 10 year old kid named Moon Blake him and his father live in the woods hiding form the government, but when his dad fatally breaks his leg. His dad told him to head for Alaska because there are more people that hate the government like Moon and his dad. He has a good start but a hunter named Mr. Wellington finds him and calls a constable named Slanders to pick him up. Moon manages to get away for Mr. Wellington but ends up running into the constable on a road he tries to take Moon peacefully but Moon fights back. Moon gets capture eventually, and he is sent to a foster home/jail called Piston he meets 2 friends there named Kit and Hal. Together they managed to escape the Piston they also bring most of the boys in the Piston with them. They find a nearby forest but by then all the boys except Moon, Kit, and Hal are afraid to go further so all the other boys wait at the street until the cops come. Kit, Hal, and Moon make there way to a river where they find a good place to make a shelter. By then Hal wanted to see his dad again so he hitched a ride form a street down the river. Kit and Moon finish the shelter 1 week after, but even though Kit is having fun he knows that he is very sick (Moon doesn’t know). After 3 weeks Kit’s sickness kicks in Moon can make medicine but not the one Kit needs so he runs to the road with Kit on his back and gets a cars attention then he drops Kit next to the road and run into the woods. After a week Hal and his dad come to look for Moon. Hal eventually finds Moon at the shelter and brings him to his dads home there the have fun by diving Hal’s dad’s truck in a clay pit and shooting bottles with Hals dad’s machinegun. But soon after he wants to know why his dad hated the government so he goes back to his old shelter where he and his dad lived. He finds Mr. Wellington who now knows what he did was wrong. (Mr. Wellington is also a lawyer.) So he tries seeing if he...

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