Erik Peterson Case

Erik Peterson Case

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Dear Erik Peterson,

I would like to give you some feedback about your career at Green Mountain Cellular Telephone Company’s General Manager. Although you received your MBA, it’s very important to understand your limit to lead a large organization. You had no prior experience of constructing a cellular mobile telephone system that you were assigned to manage, and yet you couldn’t get along with some of your high level management colleagues within the organization. Unfortunately you proved to be an ineffective leader in your role as general manager. There were several steps that you didn’t take to resolve the negative situation at the company.

I believe your first problem was that you didn’t put more effort to encouraged open lines of communication with CelluComm and established clear goals and roles within GMCT. You should have realized before you got hired, GMCT was facing several problematic environments issues, such as the inconsistency of CelluComm’s organizational structure; the political and cultural environment in GMCT and external forces that were complicating system design and construction.

In response to these problems, you decided to tackle major issues on your own rather than delegate responsibility and repeatedly showed an inability to effectively mobilize his workforce or resources. Now, you know well the inconsistency of CelluComm’s organizational structure complicated management reporting. The reporting order throughout CelluComm was unclear. For example, when you were first hired, you thought you would be directly reporting to Ric Jenkins, but then, without formal communication from upper management, you found out by yourself that you were reporting to Jeff Hardy who was the Director of Budgets and Plans and had lacks of industry knowledge.

Within eight months, the organizational structure at CelluComm changed several times, including at the upper management level. This created confusion of reporting responsibilities, political...

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