Ernest Rutherford and Louis Pasteur

Ernest Rutherford and Louis Pasteur

Ernest Rutherford:

It was in Essex all began,
The first step to his giant plan.
With the trees of New Zealand he grew,
And after university his real destination he knew.
In England his name started to rise,
And there with alpha and beta of uranium he did surprise.
But it was in Canada he found his life,
It was there we were named man and wife.
I felt his arm's sweet embrace.
His everlasting love and grace.

That’s when were blessed with a pearl, our baby girl
But his true love was not me,
It lay within the atoms in chemistry.
He brought the half life of radioactivity to the worlds eyes,
For which he won the Nobel Prize.
But his ambition had no limit,
And with the Rutherford model he reached chemistry’s summit.
By bouncing waves the nucleus he discovered,
And then with Bohr the existence of neutrons he uncovered.
After knighthood he did magic to nitrogen,
He transmuted it and then made it to oxygen.
But with umbilical hernia the 66 year journey came to an end,
After setting in chemistry a new trend.

Louis Pasteur:

This day will make every chemist sad,
Such is the chronicle of my dad.
It was in a small town in France,
Did his ideas really advance.
His intelligence couldn’t hide for too long,
And he moved to big Paris where he truly belong.

Discovering the asymmetry of crystals was just the beginning,
By discovering pasteurization he became the real king.
But on his way he met the love of his life,
And he lived happily with his children and his wife.
But chemistry was always on his mind,
And he invented vaccines to leave the world of medicine behind.
By experiments he proved spontaneous regeneration wrong,
With that it came the germ theory along.
He always worked to save human lives,
And because of pasteurization mankind still thrives.

By obtaining weak diseases he made humans stronger,
And doctors were dirty no longer.
But the man who saved lives worldwide,
Couldn’t save himself, and in a stroke he died.

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