Erp System

Erp System

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SAP ERP Configuration Case Phase I – Financial Accounting
This case desribes in detail the first phase of the SAP ERP configuration curriculum based on the Global Bike model company. It explains the basic enterprise structure and processes for Financial Accounting.

SAP ERP GBI Release 6.04

In the initial GBI configuration case you have identified and analyzed problems as well as developed and discussed possible solutions. Now, you configure the enterprise structure and business processes for Financial Accounting. After setting up the organization units and process parameters you will create necessary master data and test the business process.

Before you use this case, you should be familiar with navigation in the SAP system. It is also recommended that you have gone through the Intro to SAP ERP Financial Accounting exercises and case studies based on GBI.

Undergraduate Graduate Advanced

Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting

This case study uses the Global Bike Inc. (GBI) data set, which has exclusively been created for SAP UA global curricula.

Simha Magal Stefan Weidner Tom Wilder

This material was prepared with the assistance of student interns at the Seidman ERP program at Grand Valley State University and the SAP Club at CSU Chico as well as student and research assistents at SAP UCC Magdeburg.

0.9 [December 2012]


Phase I – Financial Accounting


Introduction Phase 1 – Financial Accounting

Learning Objective Understand and configure Financial Accounting.

Time XXX min

Phase Scenario After defining the overall strategy and work packages for the entire configuration project at Global Bike, in the first phase fundamental structures and processes in Financial Accounting are implemented and tested.

The graphic and table of content below display the four parts of this first phase....

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