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ESE 691 ASH Course / tutorialrank

ASHFORD ESE 691 Week 1 DQ 1 Case Study- Ms.Bosco's Class

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Case Study: Ms.Bosco’s Class. As you’ve read in your text, theories about behavior modification include social learning theory, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning. First, read the articles and watch the videos below on each of these theories:
1. Bandura – Social Learning Theory
2. Bobo Doll Experiment (Bandura) [Video file]
3. Classical Conditioning
4. Classical Conditioning [Video file]
5. Skinner – Operant Conditioning
6. Overview of Operant Conditioning [Video file]
ASHFORD ESE 691 Week 1 Assignment Ms. Jung’s Class

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Ms. Jung’s Class. Read the case study of Ms. Jung’s class, Level C, Case 1 in “Norms and Expectations.” Then, in a four- to five-page paper, complete the assignment found on page 11, at the bottom of Level C, Case 1. To complete this assignment, you will need to review the Case Study Set Introduction on page 2 and the STAR sheets on the four strategies on pages 12 through 14.
Within your paper, you will need to:
1. Include a statement describing how each of the four strategies will be implemented as Ms. Jung works
with her newly structured class.. Stating expectations clearly. Implementing classroom rules and procedures . Supporting expectations consistently.Reevaluating established norms
2. Select a classroom norm that would allow successful student movement to outside instruction as needed and maximize time for learning....

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