Esl Zoo Assingment

Esl Zoo Assingment

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Stage 1 Biology

Assessment Task 4

Issues Investigation

Human Impact

Rosanna Ravuth


Zoos are one of the great places to visit to see a collection of wild animals. There are disadvantages and advantages of zoos on ecosystems. There are so many important things about zoos in the preservation of biodiversity.

The advantages of zoos are that we get to protect them from hunter and looks after them properly. People can learn to appreciate more about the animals while they being viewed in captivity. Humans can be more educate and more cautious understanding about animal all around the world. When the animals all in one place there is easier to control them and the environment of captivity of health, diseases and behaviour. Viewing all the animals provides a type of entertainment for a lot of people who might never get a chance to see such a things such as lion, tiger, snakes, and giraffe.

There are so many animals are extinct from the world. By keeping animals in the zoos is to help breeding them in a control, healthy environment and to grows a population quicker than in the wild. Animals like tiger, koala are need to breed and building up the maintaining genetically healthy population. Those animals are to back up for endangered species. There are so many breeding programs to keep them from becoming extinct. Reticulated Pythons is the longest and largest snakes in the world. Keep them in the zoos so the zookeeper can breed them from become extinct from Australia. To keep them from getting in endanger from humans kill. Human are illegal hunting them to get the skin trade and habitat destruction.

The endanger program is to immediate the risk of animal going extinct. Animals becoming endangered cause habitat loss, pollution and overexploitation. There are half of freshwater turtles; one in eight birds and one in four mammals are facing extinction. Because some species are facing extinct in the wild that is why the...

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