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7th Grade MathematicsName: ______________________________
Ratio and ProportionPeriod: _____ Date: ________________

_____1. The scale used to construct a model of a new house is 1 inch: 9 feet. The height of the house is 27 feet. What is the height of the scale model? (MCC.7.G.1)

_____ 2. A ferry can hold 500 cars. On average, each car weighs 5,000 pounds. What is the average number of tons the ferry can hold? (1 ton = 2000 lbs.) (MCC.7.RP.2)

_____ 3. The scale on a road map is 1 inch = 24 miles. What is the actual length of a road that
Measures 2 ¼ inches on the map? (MCC.7.G.1)

_____ 4. The seventh graders set a goal to collect 325 cans for their school’s food drive. They
collected 500 cans. What percent of their goal did they collect? (MCC.7.RP.3)

_____ 5. Julio is designing a kitchen. He drew a scale drawing of the kitchen as shown.

The perimeter of the scale drawing is 12 inches. The actual length of wall A will be 12 feet. What will be the perimeter of Julio’s actual kitchen? (MCC.7.G.1)

_____ 6. The original price of a camera was $80. It was on sale at a 30% discount. Later, the price of the camera was reduced by an additional 30% of the sale price. What was the final price of the camera? (MCC.7.RP.3)

_____ 7. Marcus and his parents are going on a vacation. The table shows the number of hours they drive and the miles they travel. Use one of the data points to find k (the constant of proportionality). (MCC.7.RP.2b)

Hours (x) | 3 | 3.5 | 4 | 5 |
Miles (y) | 150 | 175 | 200 | 250 |

_____ 8.$5.60 for 9 cans. Round to the nearest cent. (MCC.7.RP.1)

_____ 9. Kelly plans to put her graduation money into an account and leave it there for 4 years while she goes to college. She receives $820 in graduation money that she puts it into an account that earns 8.5% interest. How much will be in Kelly’s account at the end of two years? HINT: THIS IS COMPOUNT INTEREST

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