Essay and Composition

Essay and Composition

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Q Explain the difference between Autocratic and Laissez-Faire leadership ?
ANS Autocratic and Laissez-Faire are styles of leadership which differ and have different effects on the workers in the business.  Each of these leadership styles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Autocratic leaders lead with an iron fist, one-way style communication.  Autocratic leaders will tell each worker what and how to do their work and feedback is not used.  Leaders that use this style of leading distribute tasks according to how they want without others giving any suggestions.  This allows for good-quality products and efficiency, but workers will feel controlled and may result in a worker turnover. Laissez-faire leadership is a type of leadership in which the manager gives a task to an individual or group and lets them decide the rest.  This is not good as it will decrease productivity and creativity as nothing much is given for the workers to follow and carry out, but teaches them independent working but is the least productive type of leadership among the three.  This will also decrease efficiency as workers may slacken off due to too much independence given to them. This form of leadership does have advantages such as improving the thinking skills of workers that are motivated to do the job, as they have to figure out how to complete the given task, without any help.  This style of leadership works best if done by professionals or experienced people, as they already know what to do and how to solve the problem.

Q What is the difference between
a Tactical
b Strategic
c Operational objectives

ANS Tactical:
Strategy involves the future vision of the business and tactics involve the actual steps needed to achieve that vision. For example, a marketing strategy for a motel might be to target travel agents, and develop a business package for them, which includes an e-commerce solution. Tactics are the practical steps needed to implement the...

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