Essay of My Personal Values

Essay of My Personal Values

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My Personal Values

After participating in the William Institute Awareness Inventory self-assessment I discovered that my personal values and ethical perspective lean towards the obligation side and that my ethical beliefs are based on the idea that it is each individual’s duty and obligation to do what is morally right. The results show that I tend to look at the actions of an individual, not necessarily the result of those actions. I focus on the choices that the individual made during the process of achieving results and judge them based the morality of those choices. The self-assessment also indicated some things about me that I already knew. I disagree with quick, rash, unplanned decision making and following rules established by others that are unethical. I feel that forcing someone to follow a rule or practice that is unethical hinders the growth of the individual and does not allow for a clear view of their moral values. I believe that company policies should reflect and ensure equal respect for the individual. With policies such as these in place, it allows the individual to make clear choices and in doing so the individual can take ownership of the choices they made. I know that I am a planner and I research and examine all aspects of an issue before making a decision. I believe this to be best practice in business and in doing so it eliminates a huge risk factor when making decisions that affect the success of the business and the security of its employees.

Through my experiences I have come to discover my business decision making processes are not solely based on profit taking but also on what is morally right for a company’s employees and customers. I find using cost-benefit analysis as a primary decision-making tool inappropriate. My perspective is not always valued or readily accepted by the business community. By using my personal belief system with regard to ethics and obligation in the workplace, I run the...

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