essay of paleothic

essay of paleothic

Which of the following is NOT true of the Paleolithic era?
a. The first writing systems developed in this period of human history.
b. Paleolithic people used stone rather than metal tools.
c. Paleolithic people made a living by gathering and hunting, rather than producing food.
d. Paleolithic people developed rituals to help them deal with human existence.

All EXCEPT which of the following is a source that modern scholars have used to understand Paleolithic peoples?
a. The study of modern Paleolithic peoples for comparison
b. The study of written ritual texts
c. The study of Paleolithic art, such as cave paintings and engraving
d. The study of Paleolithic remains, such as stone tools and fossils

The last Ice Age may have helped early gatherer-hunters in which of the following ways?
a. The heavier rainfall of the Ice Age's weather fluctuations made it possible for them to grow crops.
b. Ice served as an important preservative for food, making it possible for them to settle in the same place for extended periods.
c. The cold weather killed off most large mammals that had been predatory on early human beings.
d. The lower sea levels associated with the Ice Age created land bridges, allowing human beings to travel to many regions of the earth.


Which of the following is generally true of Paleolithic peoples?
a. Paleolithic societies failed to innovate, stubbornly refusing to change in response to new situations or environments.
b. Paleolithic societies regularly relied on trade to secure items needed to survive.
c. Paleolithic societies often developed elaborate and complex outlooks on the world.
d. Paleolithic societies were technologically complex, relying on a surprisingly wide array of tools and weapons made from both stone and metal.

In what way were the Austronesian migrations to the Pacific Islands NOT distinct from earlier human migrations?
a. They had a significant impact on their new...

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