Essay on Nutrition

Essay on Nutrition

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Troy Ware

Final Project Paper

The nutrition class we are just finishing has been very informational to say the least. I would be surprised if everyone that is enrolled this quarter isn’t making some type of change to the things they consume on the daily basis. One thing I learned this semester was how saturated fat effects the human body. Another thing I learned was about just how much food an individual should consume on the daily basis.
Saturated fat before this class was something that never caught my attention, mainly because of my lack of knowledge about its role in the human body. I have always trained for sports, since I was about 5 years old and I have never had to pay any attention to the foods I consumed. Personally, I assumed that because I appear muscular and healthy that I must be, this is not the case at all. Over the last 6 weeks I have learned that what we eat can easily cause humans to become unhealthy and also contribute to a number of health problems, especially as we age. Saturated fat causes the LDL levels of cholesterol to increase, this is the bad cholesterol and as humans we want to keep this number low. The problem with this is a lot of Americans tend to eat fast-food, this is where a lot of the saturated fat in our diet comes from. I was a fanatic for fast-food in my teenage days because I thought I could eat whatever, since I was young. After taking this class and looking back I really wish that I would have known what this type of fat does to the body, I would have limited my fast-food intake. Since I have the information that I got from this class in my brain, I can no longer eat fast food. I pack a healthy lunch and snacks so I don’t feel hungry and end up stopping for fast-food. The last few weeks that I haven’t been eating fast food, I have had more energy everyday and I also lost six pounds. After seeing results like that just from removing fast-food from my diet, how could I ever turn back?

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