Essay on Rolling Stones

Essay on Rolling Stones

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1209 Avenue of the Americas
Ney York, New York 10104

February, 12, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written in support of Rolling Stones nomination for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Because they have been name best band of the year, they have great songs, and they have been a band for such a long time.
The First reason is because they have been named best band and artist of the year. “The 1990 Rolling Stone readers' and critics' polls selected the Stones as best band and artist of the year, and cited Steel Wheels as 1989's best tour” (Gale 263). Now out of all the different bands and artists they were the ones that were chosen as the best. Not only were they selected as the best band they also were said to have the best tour of 1989. This are both huge reasons that Rolling Stones should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The Second Reason is because they have great songs. The Rolling Stones had a worldwide number 1 hit song. “In the summer of 1965 they had a worldwide Number 1 hit with "Satisfaction"” (Gale 262). Some artist have hit the number 1 song chart in the U.S. but the rolling stones hit it in the world. Now for the whole world to like your song is a big accomplishment and very hard to accomplish. “…album also contains gospel ("I Just Want To See His Face"), blues ("Shake Your Hips"), and full-tilt rock ("Rip This Joint")” (Gale 263). In just this one album they have three different genres of music. Not everyone likes certain genres so the Rolling Stones to have three different kinds in one album make them a lot better than other bands.
The Final Reason is because they have been a band for a long time. “No rock band has sustained consistent activity and global popularity for so long a period as the Rolling Stones, still capable, a half-century after their formation, of filling the largest stadia in the world. (Wallenfeldt 24). This band have been around for half-century and that...

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