Essay on Success

Essay on Success

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Is it always important to succeed?

Success is defined within the parameters of failure. Without the concept of failure, there can be no success and therefore it can be said that the two exist in conjunction with each other. It is the desire to succeed that spurs man to new limits and it is the fear of failure which inhibits him from testing old boundaries. However, without tasting failure, the true meaning of success is lost because only through persevering to reach a goal can one truly appreciate the momentous glory of fulfillment.

A prime example of this theory would be Jennifer Hudson, noted American singer and actress. In 2005, Hudson was the favoured contestant on hit television show “American Idol”, which promises to propel winners to stardom based on their vocal talents. It was widely believed that Hudson would win the show, yet she failed to make the final cut. Crushed, but not broken Hudson vowed that she would achieve her dream of stardom and threw herself into further honing her vocal talents. Her efforts came to fruition later that year when she was offered a singing role in film “Dreamgirls”. Her heartbreaking portrayal of a young singer down on her luck eventually won her an Oscar- the pinnacle of success for an actor. For Hudson, success was imperative because to revive her flagging faith in her own skills and also to prove to countless others that hard work will eventually pay off.

Ultimately, it must not be forgotten that success is proof of man’s indomitable tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds and therefore must be aimed for. However, at the same time, it cannot be forgotten that the path to success and the pitfalls on it are of paramount importance because it these setbacks which entrench the lesson of perseverance and hard work and teach one the true meaning of success.

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