Essay Plan

Essay Plan

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Identify some of the health issues faced by one developed country and one developing country. Discuss the effect of these issues on their respective societies.

This is an independent paper that seeks to explore and demonstrate the health issues encountered within developed countries and developing countries, though on this occasion the study will focus on one particular country from each side.
To complete this paper several information were sought from different source from which appropriate references to will be made. Furthers ideas were also put together from classroom discussion with lecturer and other students.
The paper will address the health indifferences between developed countries and developing, this will be achieved by exploring its evolution and will also demonstrate how the political intervention contributed to its amelioration.
The document will be split in three main parts: The introduction, the main part of paper and will finish with a conclusion. (McLaren 1995.p6)

This part will first present a definition to the main subject (Levin 2004,p25); it will then outline the history and the evolution of health between the two types of countries. A very brief summary of the health issues and inequalities will be described here followed by a description of how the subject will be explored.

Main body
This part will also be divided in paragraphs which will describe the provision of healthcare among the poor and the rich and the different issues will then be uncovered. At this point the reader will be able to understand the multiples type of inequalities in health, i.e. Race, gender, poor, rich, and what is being done to reduce it.
Paragraph 1
This part will explore the history behind the evolution of healthcare and then describes its provision in the developed country, and demonstrates how it’s carried out from primary care to hospital and through the emergency unit.
Paragraph 2
This paragraph will seek to describe the...

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