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Author Biography
Erich Maria Remarque
➢ Erich Maria Remarque was born 22 June 1898.

➢ Died in 25 September 1970 at an age 72

➢ Was a German author

➢ Was born in a poor family

➢ Was born in the city Osnabruck of Germany

➢ Remarque was enlisted into the army at the age of 18

➢ On July 31 he was wounded by shrapnel in the left leg, right arm, and net. He was then hospitalized for the rest of the war.

➢ After the war Remarque continued his teacher training.

➢ On November 20 1920 he applied to leave of absence from teaching which ended his teaching career.

➢ Some other jobs Remarque worked as a librarian, businessman, teacher, journalist, and an editor.

➢ His first paid writing job was as a technical writer.

➢ At age of 16 Remarque attempts to write, essays, poems, and the beginning of a novel.

➢ Remarque changed his middle name in memory of his mother.

➢ He also changed his name to how it used to be so he could separate himself from his old novel “Die Traumbude”

➢ The only son among Peter Franz Remark and Anna Maria Remark's three children.

➢ Moved at least 11 times when he was a child.

➢ As a child Remarque was good at playing the piano.

➢ Remarque often got into scrapes with school teachers.

➢ Remarque gave piano lessons to young girls.

➢ he collected butterflies, stones, and stamps

➢ joined a gymnastics

➢ Performed magic tricks.

➢ A new life and citizenship awaited Remarque in America.

➢  Joseph Goebbels banned and publicly burned Remarque's works.

➢ Remarque finally left Germany to live in Switzerland.

➢ Remarque was first married to actress Jutta Zambona. In 1925

➢ In 1930 after 5 years they divorced.

➢ But left together to Porto Ronco with Remarque after Nazi took over Germany

➢ In May 1933 His best-selling book “All Quiet on the western front” was burned....

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