First of all, most of people’s activities have impacted on environment, both in negative and positive sides. However, the environment is getting worse and worse. It's universally accepted that there are a few hazards involved with lack of organizations of environmental protection. For example, in Vietnam, there are no any associations for environmental protection to guide people how to treat litter from household, farms and other industries, this needs to be seen as a sensitive matter because many people do not understand why they need to worry about the environment. They think that the major aim must be creating economic growth and jobs, and that the environmental agenda must take second place.

Additionally, another major cause for concern has to be the fact that the insufficient funds for launching environmental protection campaigns. And the underlying repercussion of this is that litter is strewn all over the river. Especially, companies and public institutions like clinics and hospitals dump hazardous materials such as chemicals or medical waste near human settlements. It is really dangerous to community's health.

It is honestly believed that there are a few ways to tackle these problems. The first possible way is to set up some campaigns or organizations of the environmental protection from localities to city centers to improve people's awareness of sanitation. Supplementary to this, the government and its citizens should go hand in hand to solve different aspects to make our environment cleaner. Along with government's fund, individuals, groups, companies should be asked to contribute to programs of financial support, projects, activities, nature conservation, biodiversity, pollution prevention, degradation and environmental issues of all nations.

In the light of this evidence, I believe that the problems will be solved to a great extent when everyone realizes the urgency to cope with it and seeks solutions for its control.

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