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The concept of secondary schools as learning organisations was being examined as part of a research project involving Solomon Islands and Fiji secondary schools. Learning organisations were defined as schools that: employ processes of environmental scanning; develop shared goals; establish collaborative teaching and learning environments; encourage initiatives and risk taking; regularly review all aspects related to and influencing the work of the school; recognise and reinforce good work; and, provide opportunities for continuing professional development. A survey of 2,000 teachers and principals was conducted using items representing these seven dimensions. The data were analysed and confirmatory factor analysis using LISREL was employed to test the four measurement models generated. The discussion clarifies the characteristics and processes recognized as existing in secondary schools that relate to the reconceptualisation of schools as learning organisations and addresses the usefulness of this approach. In an confirmatory factor analysis, the Organisational tells the Secondary Schools as learning organisations, and with Teacher and principal survey.

Well Human learning in the 21st century will be as different from human learning in the 20th
century as the micro-chip and neural networks are from the valve.” (Lepani, 1994,). As we approach the new millennium the scope and pace of change seem to be accelerating in all areas of human existence. We have to move with it or ahead of it if we are not to be left behind. Schools are feeling this tidal wave of change in ways that “have left many educators – consciously or otherwise – confused, exhausted and disillusioned. Change can be seen as evolutionary and dynamic with an emphasis on continuous learning and adaptation (Dixon, 1994; Fullan, 1991; Fullan and Miles, 1992). The challenge for
schools is to adopt change strategies that provide internal stability while...

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