Book Review.
Soul Surfer By: Bethany Hamilton
The book that i had the pleasure of reviewing this over the course of this semester was Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton. This book was written to reflect the life and significant events for a young girl in Hawaii whose life was greatly influenced after a shark attack. This shark attack left her with an amputated arm and learning life all over again. Not only was Bethany learning life she was coping with that fact that she may not ever be able to enjoy one of the things most close to her heart, surfing.

When i was reading this book it was so attention grabbing I had a hard time laying it down. I personally think what grabbed my attention most was Bethany's willingness to never give up! She was hit with a very hard tasked when she was surfing early that halloween morning. When she was laying on her board she just thought about how she just wanted the waves to pick up. Then all at once pressure and some tugging she was pulled from her board. The most remarkable thing to me about this whole story is how she survived an attack and her arm was the only thing she lost and not her life. The attack really helped Bethany to connect with god, the only person to help her make sense of the whole situation.

When i was reading this book just for the purpose of writing a reviewing i tried weighing the negative and the positive and could honestly not find many weak points of the story. I honestly think the only negative thing i could find about this whole book is that there hasn't been a follow-up to Bethany's life since the book was written. I think that the parts of the story line that got to me were just emotionally sympathizing for Bethany.

I think what really helped me to connect with the story of Bethany Hamilton is the fact I have a relative who had to have an amputated arm after a severe auto accident at a young age. My cousin lost her arm from elbow down when she was very young. She lost the sense of doing a...

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