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Ticket type :
Update the ticket with error content which we get mail as MFT_MFTXXXXX_FAILURE
Log on to box (which we get in ticket) on which job got failed and go to the /opt/tibco/data/mft/trigger/response and Update the . response file content in work log

Example ticket: MFT_MFTCAO11_FAILURE

Step 1:
With the failure mail information we can identify transaction id and destination and source file name

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ns0:FileTransfer xmlns:ns0="" fileTransferRequestId="WMS-CAO_MFT" fileTransferTransactionId="BC143616AAD61889BAE2">
    <ns0:Reply overallStatus="failure">
        <ns0:Status messageCode="MFT-2026" message="FTP Unavaible and the message is Cannot establish FTP connection when performing FTP function: MKD. Error Info:" sourceFileName="XP.SMS.TIB.CAO.EXCP.ALL.ZIP" destination=""/>

Step 2:
Log on to the BW1 box and go to following path
=>cd /opt/tibco/data/mft/trigger/archive
Search for the respective trigger file using transaction id
=>ls -lrt *BC143616AAD61889BAE2*
-rw-rw-r-- 1 tibco tibco 1108 Nov 25 14:05 MFTCAO11.BC143616AAD61889BAE2
Step 3:
Do more on trigger file then we come to know what steps we need to do. Basically it has source node and source file location and name, preprocessing there or not, to which location we have to do ftp and any post processing there or not.

=>more MFTCAO11.BC143616AAD61889BAE2
<ns2:FileTransfer fileTransferRequestId = "WMS-CAO_MFT"
xmlns:ns2 =...

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