´╗┐What's diversity consciousness ?
Why is it important in the workplace?
How we can develop it?

-Diversity consciousness is awareness and understanding the skills in the area of diversity. In other words, to be aware and respect the differences among others. Not only to their race, skin color, gender or, social class.

-Diversity consciousness is important because:
1. It builds up your diversity skills.
such as, team work, leadership, conflict management, and critical thinking. all those skills are important for more opportunities.
2. Expands our knowledge and empowers us.
your knowledge is your most brutal power and nobody can take that from you. the more knowledge you have the more powerful you are.
3. Promotes growth and strength to your social network.
by expanding your social network and knowing people with a variety of backgrounds, you expand your opportunities.

-How we can develop it:
1. Be modest.
we can't underestimate other people by their job position or their social class, the more we accept learning from everybody the more knowledge we'll have.
2. Move beyond your comfort zone.
learning can be difficult and uncomfortable, but when we expose ourselves to other people, we will be able to get to the point where we can learn more.
3. Never stop learning.
when we chase knowledge and experience new learning strategies to develop our diversity consciousness, we'll have more opportunities to learn. People learn, unlearn, and relearn in a different ways.

-Barriers to success:
Limited perception:
is when we perceive the things around us from any of our senses, however, what we perceive is not always true. our perception can affect the way we think, feel, and act.

is when we categorize people and put them into groups based on our perception about them. basically we stereotype people and judge them into groups.
example, when we think that all Asians, chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese are all the same or...

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