Dandelion Wine Final:



Character Identification: Match the name of the character with the description.

Douglas Spaulding ____

Tom Spaulding _____

Leo Auffman ______

The Lonely One ______

Grandpa Spaulding _____

Grandma Spaulding _____

John Huff ________

Colonel Freeleigh ______

Mr. Jonas _________

Bill Forrester _________

Helen Loomis _________

Charlie Woodman _______

Lavinia Nebbs ________

Great- Grandma Spaulding _____

A. Supposedly kills The Lonely One.
B. Douglas’ best friend. He gets very angry at this friend in his room after the friend is gone.
C. Another friend of Douglas’. His key role in the novel is introducing the boys to Colonel Freeleigh.
D. A former war veteran. He is very old and loves to tell stories. He misses the days of being able to go outside.
E. Develops a passion for life. Is fearful of death. Nearly dies at the end of the book.
F. Lives with the grandparents of Douglas. Becomes a good friend to Helen Loomis and enjoys listening to her stories.
G. A man in town who believes “one mans junk is another man’s treasure.” Supposedly he saved Douglas’ life.
H. At only 10 years old, he is very intelligent. Brother of the protagonist of the novel.
I. A man who enjoys life’s beauty. He loves his lawn and making Dandelion Wine
J. A brilliant chef
K. A man who invents a lot of things. Tries to invent a happiness machine that brings more anger and sadness than happiness.
L. A serial killer who everyone fears in the novel.
M. Tries to help Douglas understand that she is ready to die. Forces Douglas to accept that people die.

Short Response: Respond to the following questions Sentences do not need to be complete.
1. What town does the majority of the book take place in?

2. Lavinia Nebbs stabs The Lonely One with what?

3. Explain what Douglas means when he says, “ I never...

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