“Through techniques composers explore emotions and spirituality”
Discuss how emotions and spirituality are explored in the film ‘Amadeus’ through film techniques.

In Milos Forman’s 1984 film ‘Amadeus’, the composers explore the themes of spirituality and the emotions of jealousy and anger through the variety of film techniques such as flashbacks, symbolism, various camera angles, costuming and the setting. These themes are evidently shown throughout the film through diverse characters such as Antonio Salieri and Amadeus Mozart, who both contrast each other’s personalities and morals. This is caused by the prominence of the composer’s thorough exploration of emotions and spirituality exposed through the film.

Jealousy affects an individuals self esteem and when it is felt strongly or is unable to be controlled it can lead to devastating effects. In the film ‘Amadeus’, the composer explores the emotion of jealousy as it is used as the unmistakable force behind Salieri’s insecurities as he attempts to diminish Mozart’s name, reputation and worth. In this case, Salieri has held in all his jealousy until the days he finally meets Mozart, they have both led very separate lives, growing up in completely different settings. Salieri cannot believe that they are so different, when in some ways they are the same; their whole childhood they were controlled by their fathers.

“I can’t think if a time I didn’t know his name… I was jealous”

Salieri is so overcome by such a simple human emotion that he cannot control both his feelings and his action. Mozart, just by being himself, is destructing Salieri’s own self esteem as even the most minute fundamentals of Mozart’s characteristic is flourishing Salieri’s jealousy

Anger is a common emotion that is felt by everyone usually every day. In the film ‘Amadeus’, the complex aspect of their individuality puts Salieri and Amadeus Mozart in the main frame and many believe that is was anger that was subjected...

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