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´╗┐Matric No: OM/HND/F11/0650

28 February, 2013

Reply to Letter of Enquiry

Dear Mr Jackson,

I am sorry I have to delay the reply of your letter. Infact, your letter of enquiry was received almost a month ago. However, some event occur which made it impossible for me to reply you immediately. For your information, the production department of our organization got burnt, nobody knows the source of the fire outbreak, but it is said to let you know that all our heavy equipments got burnt down leaving us with nothing to produce.

The goods you asked us for now, we are just trying to sort things out with our insurance company. They promise to pay our firm a reasonable amount of money equal to the degree of our loss. This we hope will enable us to purchase new machines and equipments of our factory.

With all these fact, we hope you will understand our position and bear with us. We however want to assure you that as soon as we put in place the new machine, production of goods in our factory will begin.

The goods you inquire about will be made available for you. If this new arrangement of ours will not suit you, kindly let us know in good time so as to make another arrangement for you at any rate. We still want to assure you of our readiness to be of help to you in other areas of your needs.


Ogundipe Adenike

Matric No: OM/HND/F11/0650

22 February, 2013

Dear Bola,

I am glad to learn that you have just started a course in Office Technology and Management. I understand that this course had just been introduced into the University to replace the former Secretarial Administration.

By the way, how are you coping with your studies? I do hope you are finding things easy in any given course. Every student who study very hard no matter the course, if a student fails to study hard he cannot perform very well at the end of the day.

By this, I am urging you to be up and doing in your new course so that you will come out in...

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