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Biology 1408
September 9, 2012
Lab # 1 The Process of Science
1. The seven steps of the scientific method are:
1. Formulate a question- Ask a question that you want to answer by constructing an experiment.
2. Research the question- Research your question to see other people’s results, and to get an idea of what your hypothesis should be.
3. Form a hypothesis- Make an educated guess on what your results for the experiment will be.
4. Conduct an experiment to test your hypothesis- Conduct an experiment that will give you the best results to test your hypothesis.
5. Analyze Your Data- Take all of your data you came up with by conducting your experiment and analyze the results. Do not leave any data out so you can get the best possible results.
6. Draw conclusions- Take all of your data and draw conclusions to your experiment. Put everything together so you can answer your question and test your hypothesis.
7. Communicate results- You want to communicate your results to see how your results compared to others results. Also, by communicating your results you will help others see how you came to your conclusion. People conducting the same experiment that have the same access to the tools you have should be able to come up with the same results you got.

2. “Biology is a difficult subject” is a subjective statement. Not everyone might think biology is a difficult subject. This statement is influenced by someone’s personal feelings therefore it cannot be objective.
“Next winter it will snow in Alaska” is an objective statement. This is not someone’s personal opinion, it is based on facts. It snows every year in Alaska.
“All bluebonnets have blue flowers” is an objective statement. It can be seen that all bluebonnets have blue flowers.
“This paper has black print on a white background” is an objective statement also. It can be seen that this paper has black print on a white background.

3. A scientific hypothesis has to be testable, falsifiable and...

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