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“How social media affects children today”

Social media has emerged as the biggest prevailing technology in our society. It has transformed children’s lives by connecting each other through social media networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, MySpace etc. (Clinton and Steyer n.p.). Statistical analysis shows that 7.5 million kids join Facebook before they are even 13 years old, which is a contradiction to the requirement for joining. This results in the presence of their online histories, pictures and personal information etc. on such social media websites at mere age of 5 or 7 (Clinton and Steyer n.p.). They also switch to using smartphones when they are only of age 2-4 years old. They spend maximum of their time in such leisure activities. Rather than learning school works and doing home works; they remain busy in typing an average of around 100 texts a day! This addiction to social media network without even knowing its real consequences lead to the sharing with outer world of their personal information; an exposure to threat of cyber bullying and most importantly wastage of time. They don’t have time to sit with family and siblings and rather dwell into an “anti-social” effect of social media (Boyce n.p.).

It has been researched that the brain of a child is engaged in an on-going process of reproducing, learning and understanding life and its phenomena. If they stick their minds merely to social media technologies; it directly affects their mentality, decision power, risk-sensing ability and attention (Clinton and Steyer n.p.). They no longer give time to studies. Thus, the whole day usage of social media websites and devices result into drowsiness, lack of attention, depression and short-term memory problems (Clinton and Steyer n.p.).

Social media has negative impacts ranging from lower threats to larger ones. Lower threats include facts such as small...

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