1. El Movimiento also known as the Chicano Movement was a cultural and political movement that raised awareness of the Mexican and or Chicano history in North America. The individual that was involved in the Chicano movement was Cesar Chavez. He had a lot of influence throughout the whole movement that raised awareness of the pride of Mexican Heritage. There there’re many significances that came out of this movement such as restoration of land grants American farm workers right and the demand for equal access to empowerment through education and politics.

Events that occurred in Nashville where is said in that caused a lot of controversy due to segregation and certain restaurants being off-limits to people of color. Their goal was to desegregate the city of Nashville, and their results were over 150 participants being arrested for refusing to leave restaurants, stores, and other segregated places, and being attacked by bystanders at all the locations of the sit-ins. They also engaged in nonviolent protesting that included sit-ins and boycotts.

Although it took the Voting Rights Act to finally enforce it, African Americans were supposed to be citizens with the right to vote since the passage of the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, 100 years earlier. Even a century after the Civil War, it had to be made clear to certain people which side had won. It also shifted the balance of political power and the parties alliance with African Americans joining the Democratic Party in groups, and conservative white southerners abandoning it for the Dixiecrat movement and later the Republican Party.

The Republican South was instrumental in elections for the next 43 years, winning 7 of the next 10 Presidential Elections for the Republicans, and only weakening when the Democrats nominated Southern candidates.

There were forty programs that were intended to eliminate poverty by improving living conditions and enabling people to lift...

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