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Government financial aid for students should be based solely on merit.

Students in today’s financial era rarely have enough funds to cover for education solely on their own. For that reason, government aid is often given to students who perform well in school. Students who do not do so well in the educational components are given very little, if any, government aid. In some cases, this makes sense, while as a national community it does not make sense. If you’re a really hard worker you should be rewarded equally. For those who just get by and do not do well in school should not be given financial aid however, there is the national educational standard verses the rest of the world you have to take in consideration. Giving financial aid to more than just high ranking students would increase economic growth and increase the Nation’s educational standard.

Numerous students try in school and achieve great success in spite of slacking off. These are the students we want to see getting the important jobs and positions in society. These students are the ones that the government needs to fund for postsecondary education because some students have an abundance of talent and not to mention, excellent work ethic that deserved to be recognized and rewarded. This Financial aid will also encourage students who do not do so well to thrive for better educational standards. The idea of school costing less will cause kids to want to thrive for excellence because they can afford high education standards. The more the students desire to succeed, the more they are going to achieve job position in the future. It only makes sense for the government to fund money to students who are going to give back to the economy. There is the other percentage of students that go through school and do just enough to get by. In any case, these are the students that do not deserve to be relieved by financial aid. They do nothing to deserve the extra financial aid and it should not...

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