We all know that road accident is a great issue. The number of incidents of occurring road accident is increasing in an alarming rate. Every day we have to know the news of road accident in print and electric media. Road accident brings sufferings and sorrows for the people. It is a curse in the society.

The more or less street accidents are occurred almost every country of the world. Among all the countries, the position of Bangladesh is second. The first is Nepal. On the other hand, lowest number of road accidents are occurred in England. The statistics has shown that 40% road accident is occurred in highway, 27% in city areas’ road and 33% in village area’s road. Another research run by the Street Accident Research Institute under Bangladesh Engineering University has shown that in 2011, the number of incident of road accident is 20,000. About 3000 people died for these accident. The number of injured people is one lacks.
➢Paragraph on Street / Road Accident
We all know more or less about the reason of road accident. A recent research has found found that the most common reasons for road accident are unplanned road design, the increasing number of people, the increasing number of vehicles, using road as temporary market, driving vehicles violating rules, the unconsciousness of the drivers and passersby, weakness of act, slackness of playing rules of the traffic police etc. Different kinds of vehicles of different speed like rickshaws, buses, trucks, private cars, motor cycle etc. are run on the same road are the reasons of occurring road accidents.

The proportion of the population is greater than that of land. There are many dangerous turning on highways across the country that plays a great role to occur road accident. Among all the reasons, I think that most of the accidents are occurred due to the unconsciousness of drivers and passersby.

A street management plan must be implemented. The matter of street accident must be identified as the...

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