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Oluwatosin Akinola
Sports Medicine
Coach Rose

Jim Brown

Jim Brown was born February 17 1936. He grew up with his grandmother till he was at the age of 8. Then he moved to Manhasset N.Y, where his mother worked.  It was at Manhasset High School that he became a football star and athletic legend. He averaged a then-Long Island record 38 points per game for his basketball team, which was later broken by Boston Red Sox star Carl Yastrzemski. After high school he went to Syracuse University, where as a sophomore at Syracuse University he was the second leading rusher on the team. His junior year at Syracuse University he rushed for 666 yards. In his senior year Jim Brown was a unanimous first team All-American and he finished 5th in the Heisman Trophy award voting. He was drafted by the Cleveland Brown in the first round of the 1956 draft class. He was the first player ever to reach the 100-rushing-touchdowns milestone, and only a few others have done so since, despite the league's expansion to a 16-game season in 1978. Brown's first four seasons were only 12 games, and his last five were 14 games. Brown's record of scoring 100 touchdowns in only 93 games stood until LaDainian Tomlinson did it in 89 games during the 2006 season. Brown holds the record for total seasons leading the NFL in all-purpose yards in 1958–1961, 1964. Jim Brown is the only rusher in NFL history to average over 100 yards per game for a career. Brown was also a superb receiver out of the backfield, catching 262 passes for 2,499 yards and 20 touchdowns. Every season he played, Brown was voted into the Pro Bowl, and he left the league in style by scoring three touchdowns in his final Pro Bowl game. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that Jim Brown accomplished these records despite never playing past 29 years of age. Brown's 6 games with at least 4 touchdowns still remains an NFL record. A year before Jim Brown retirement he began an acting career before the...

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