Valentina Cai!
ESLL 25!
Essay 2, Draft 3!
March 6, 2016!


The Impacts of the new technology!
Many people cannot live without their smartphone, iPod, Macbook or other devices

today, and they say that the new technology makes a significant change to their lifestyle
and make their lives better. In “Hell Is Other iPods: The Aural Loneliness of the LongDistance Shuffler”, Caspar Melville explains that the iPod and other modern devices are
very attractive and designable to most people. However, it brings some problems to the
society nowadays. The author supposes that Apple products promote people’s craving
when they see others have one, and iPod is a typical example that can prove this
condition. Also, the iPod has lots of attractive aspects for people; it has a beautiful
design and convenient feature. Furthermore, the iPod offers the various choices in the
taste of music, and it can prevent people from listening to the music that they do not
enjoy. The author also points out that the iPod creates distance between people,
reduces the experience of music, and turns off the social world. However, I disagree
that the iPod or the other devices damage people’s relationships because I feel that the
iPod or other devices bring lots of benefits for individual and make their lives more
efficient, faster and easier.!
To begin with, I disagree with Melville that the iPod or others devices take up people’s
social space today because I consider that those devices could increase the standard of
lives and enhance people’s relations. Melville claims that “While enforcing separation; it
encourage people to “tune out” while they are occupying social space with others as if

the others were mere irritations.” I cannot agree that the new technology encourages
people to turn off communication with others. For instance, people could communicate
with their friends or family overseas via E-mail or instant messaging tools like WhatApp
or FaceTime...