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Brain drain
Bangladesh fire
Literacy rates
Slave labour
Assembly line
Extraction of primary products
Low wages
No skills learning jobs
World bank
Social progeny
Rise in living standards
Infrastructure health transportation r
Persistent poverty


Globalization is the process of interaction and alliance among the people, associations and governments of a nation. A process which is driven by many factors such as international trade and investment. This process effects every individual in various applicable way. It affects us environmentally and economically it also affects our cultures and prosperity it has a great effect on the physical well being of humans in ever society around the globe.

Globalization has the potential to increase competition for already scarce jobs. Globalization means that young people, in most cases who have little or no work experience, are made to compete for jobs with people who obtain a vast work experience. It is therefore the youth who is suffering especially if they are to be exploited due to their inexperience as a result of globalization. Furthermore globalization is benefiting developed economies. through which improved transportation and communication networks between countries have made it easier for developed countries to attract professionals from countries with developing economies also knows as the brain drain. Therefore leaving behind people who do not have the necessary innovative and entrepreneurial skills to push developing countries forward.
Globalization also has a great impact on today’s unemployment rate. Globalization brings labour fragmentation and spreads instability between economies which is also the cause of the current worldwide economical crisis.

Globalization affects culture in the sense of cultural imperialism where western ideals are being established as universal ways and traditions. Multinational companies are shipping their products around the...

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