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 Speech (should be able to drive at sixteen)

We all know the mornings of January , waking up in the morning and begging our parents for five more minutes, then going downstairs having our delicious hot chocolate ,our delicious fried eggs and our delicious sausage, yeah you all love your breakfast right?, afterwards we got to go upstairs take about thirty minutes to choose what to wear for college. When we ready to go we kiss our parents goodbye get our pocket money and we leave our house. We are walking in this cold and unkind weather wishing we had our own car but instead we are restricted from the basic necessities of life. We are only sixteen we need to wait two more years to drive.

we are having all this problems about students not getting to their college in time or student having accident on their pedal bikes, imagine how much safer the roads will be without cyclists.
I know some people will say “that’s none sense sixteen year old can’t learn to drive”, why not do u have to be a certain age to learn how to drive a pedal bike?

The greatest gift you can give your children is responsibility and independence. Sixteen year olds want to be independent.
Driving is a big step for childhood to adulthood. Many teenagers see independence as a privilege and they can earn their independence by showing how mature they are. Being an independent driver can’t just be driving everywhere whenever you want.
It means that they should be smart enough to go and get proper driving lessons so they don’t put themselves or anyone else in danger.
In order to excel at something, you need to practice. Practice makes perfect. In order to give your child more time to practice, you need to let them start driving at a younger age.
It will give them more time to get used to driving so that they can become better drivers in the future.
Also when you are sixteen, you are allowed to join the Army. If we are worried about our sixteen year olds having an accident,...

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