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February 11, 2011


William Shakespeare was too advanced for his time. He was the first to mix comedy & tragedy when it wasn’t appropriate for his time period, now they look up to him as one of the greatest literature writers of all time. His writing in his lifetime was like no other. He wrote great plays that had marvelous metaphors, and related to life situations going on around him.

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon in April 23, 1564 according to the register of Holy Trinity Church Baptismal record. His father was John Shakespeare, he belonged to the merchant class with increasing prosperity he acquired a series of municipal offices in Stratford-Upon-Avon. His mother Mary Arden came from a yeoman family of slightly higher social standing and was a minor heiress to some land in Warwickshire.

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No personal documents survive today from Shakespeare’s school years, but his literary work shows the mark of the excellent if grueling education offered at the Stratford grammar school. After attending the local grammar school the kings new school, where Latin was the main course of instruction Shakespeare attended that school. But Shakespeare’s literal reputation was apparently too little to be affected by Greene’s Barb, & on the next few years it grew tremendously.

By the time he was eighteen in 1582 he got married with Anne Hathaway. Not a year had passed by when his first little one was born. Her name was Susanna Shakespeare. Two years after Shakespeare’s wife gave birth to twins. They were named Judith and Hamnet Shakespeare.

After having his children Shakespeare toughened up and began a successful career in between 1585 and 1592 in London as an actor, writer, and part owner of a play company called the Lord Chamberlin’s Men. William Shakespeare brought a sue case against John Adden Brooke in 1608 for a...