Essssential Education

Essssential Education

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In today’s faltering economy, if one wishes to succeed and advance
their career, education becomes essential. Education is a major factor
determining career opportunities but it alone does not guarantee that a
person will achieve their goals.

The decision to return to school and pursue obtaining masters
degree was difficult for me. I needed to weigh my need for intellectual
stimulation, salary increases, job security and the respect of my peers
against the demands of my home and family. Although earning an MBA will
be costly in both time and money, in today’s reality, having only
Bachelor’s degree will not guarantee success. The dedication and self-
discipline that are required to complete an advanced degree create a self-
confidence that will allow the person to excel. Knowing that I have reached
a plateau in my current organization, and not wanting to change careers,
enhancing my academic level then becomes the only option available.
The sacrifices that I am making now will lead to a better life in the future for
my family by providing me with the opportunity to earn substantially more
than I am currently making. According to GMAC, on average, respondents
from full-time programs expected a salary increase of 54%; part-time
program respondents expected a 43% increase; and executive program
respondents expected a 33% increase in salary (GMAC).

As part of this assignment, I recently completed the Jungian
Personality self-assessment test. This test is designed to classify your
personality into one of 16 different types. This self-assessment will point
out how a particular person may interact with other team members or
groups of individuals, how they are likely to process information and what
their behavior might be based upon. Using the test results, my personal
classification is ENTJ. The analysis of my test results determined that I am
outgoing, visionary, argumentative, have a low tolerance for...

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