Eternal Sun

Eternal Sun

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2.5 Sample Essay Plan for
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Discuss TWO ways in which a visual text you have studied effectively presented its ideas, opinions or information.

P1 In my studied text Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind directed by Michel Gondry, cinematography and characterisation presented ideas about memory and the disintegration of a relationship.

P2 A distinctive aspect of the cinematography in this film is the use of Special effects. They are used to emphasise the degradation of memory in the character of Joel.
(Discuss specific examples and how they represent / emphasise the specific idea e.g. disappearing faces, shop signs, distorted voices, static sound effects, in-camera SFX – e.g. railway station, Saratoga St scene).

P3 Editing is another technique used to recreate the way Joel, and people in general, relive their memories.
(Discuss specific examples and how they represent / emphasise the specific idea, e.g. the way words in one scene trigger certain memories in a subsequent scene, emotionally significant memories connected, e.g. flea market, jumping from childhood memories, etc.)

P4 Characterisation, like cinematography, is used to further explore the idea of how relationships disintegrate in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
(Describe the break down of Clem and Joel’s relationship by referring to specific scenes, quotes & actions to support your discussion e.g. “Dining Dead”, voice over, Flea market conversation, Clem returns home after drinking).

P5 Characterisation is also used to convey the importance of childhood memories and the way they shape us as people. For example, …
(e.g. Joel hiding under table, bullying scene, masturbating scene ( ways these add to his insecurities, vulnerability)

P6 Brief summary of main points (don’t add any new points).

Now that you have seen these sample essay plans, try planning an answer for these topics:

1. Analyse techniques*...

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