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Peer Review Feedback Form 2
Reviewer’s Name: Bethany D. Cooke Date: 03-02-14
Writer’s Assigned #: Evann R. Rogers
Course: ENG215017VA016-1142-001 Section: _______
Assignment 4: Persuasive Paper Part 2: Solution and Advantages

Peer reviews should provide feedback to a peer on the criteria expected in the paper. Follow these instructions:
1. Receive a classmate’s paper from your professor (in class if on-ground; via discussion thread if online). 
2. Obtain the Peer Review Feedback Form from the course shell. 
3. Comment on all criteria, noting strengths and / or areas for improvement on the feedback form. 
4. Provide completed Peer Review Feedback Form and classmate’s paper as directed by your professor. 

Note: On-ground students should submit the feedback form and paper to the professor during the
class meeting in which the paper is reviewed; online students should submit the feedback form and
paper to the professor via the Assignment Tab in the course shell.

+ Strengths < Areas for Improvement
Revise, using feedback from the professor
and classmates, your Persuasive Paper
Part I - A Problem Exists.
First part of the report is a real strong start.

Part 2
Included a defensible, relevant thesis
statement clearly in the first paragraph.
Thesis statement is strong and defensible.

Explain a detailed, viable solution that
supports your thesis. This should be one or
two (1-2) paragraphs.
The solution is valid and supports the thesis.
Your solution is good but, I would suggest making it more obvious and pronounced. It seemed to become lost in the paper and I was forced to search it out. I would attach to it some transitional phrases or sentences to reconnect it to your...

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