Ethical Leadership- Task One

Ethical Leadership- Task One

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Ethical Leadership-Task I
May 2016

Ethical Leadership-Task I

Leadership is much more than a means of brute force and coercion. While these types of leaders can be effective in their positions, using fear or bullying to force change or employee production is not typically effective long term. Employees enjoy working for leaders who challenge staff as well as themselves, and make decisions based off the betterment of all parties. Oftentimes media attention is brought to those in positions of power who abuse or inadequately manage it. Less attention is focused on those leaders that exemplify good moral conduct and ethical behavior.
Local Leader
One such leader, Sarah Gardner, possesses leadership qualities that not only can be aspired to, but also are valued by her staff and colleagues. Sarah is a Team Lead (supervisor) with Ecova, an energy expense management company. She brings a rich professional background to the position of Team Lead on the production and expense management floor, although having limited experience in any of these roles. She continues to exemplify the true meaning of leadership and is successful without the typical hands on experience that is expected for most in her position.
Sarah can manage, anticipate and react to her team and clients’ needs dynamically and effectively. Transparency is key for her staff, and they are expected to advise her when goals don’t seem achievable early in the day, to allow time to reorganize roles to be most effective. Her ability to be proactive in the face of struggle has allowed her team to rise to the top production level of the floor.
Additionally, Sarah’s solid personal character makes her an excellent role model within the company. She leads by example and is always looking out for the wellbeing of individuals as well as the company. She always thoroughly evaluates the options before making decisions and does not take her responsibilities lightly. Always...

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