Ethical Perspective and Social Responsibility

Ethical Perspective and Social Responsibility

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|Ethical Perspective Paper |
|Alexis Serrano |
|University of Phoenix |
|MGT 216 Organization Ethics and Social Responsibility |
|February 17, 2010 |
|José A. Figueroa-Rodríguez, BSIE, MBA |

Ethical Perspective Paper

A person’s ethics or moral standards in a simplified way are what makes a person decide between what is wrong or what is right. Ethics is not an exact science and can be influenced by many factors such as an individual’s culture, religion, or even ethnicity. There are four different ethical perspectives; character / virtue, obligation / deontology, results / utilitarianism, and equity / relativism. In order to better understand these perspectives we will be explaining exactly what they are.
The first perspective that will be discussed is character / virtue. People that have a character / virtue ethical perspective believe that character is more important than actions. The Moral aspect is thought to be the most important part of ethical behavior. When looking at a person's ethics the character perspective values characteristics like truthfulness, wisdom, trustworthiness, integrity, fairness and wisdom. Being a good person is more important than complying with the rules.  
Those with the obligation / deontology ethical perspective believe it is their duty to do...

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