Ethical Perspective Paper

Ethical Perspective Paper

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My Ethical Perspective and Style

University of Phoenix

MGT/344 – Organizational Behavior & Ethical Responsibility

28 October 2008

My Ethical Perspective and Style
Ethics is everything in life and within organizations. I will talk about my ethical perspective, my ethical style and about issues that I am likely to face in addressing ethical dilemmas in my workplace based on my ethical style.
Business ethics is “what is right and wrong, good and bad, and harmful and beneficial regarding decisions and actions in organizational transactions (Weiss, Thomas, and Mason 2006).” Ethics has to deal with moral principles and what society views as right and wrong. Ethics are usually established in the home and carried onto an individual’s daily life including their workplace. Ethics are very important within organizations. There have been a number of top companies that have failed because they lacked ethics. Organizations with strong ethical values are more likely to succeed.
When I took the Ethical Awareness Inventory Assessment, my ethical profile most closely aligned with Character and least closely aligned with Equity. According to my ethical perspective I tend to base my ethical perspective on what is to be, rather than what is good to do (EAI 2008). I believe that ethics should focus on ways to help people achieve moral excellence (EAI 2008). When asked to judge whether an individual actions are ethical, I look beyond the actions to examine the individual’s character (EAI 2008). Uprightness and integrity are key factors in my assessment (EAI 2008). I look for evidence of virtue in people, including such traits as honor, justice, and benevolence, believing that a virtue is not just an abstract principle (EAI 2008). Rather virtue is reflected in the quality of an individual’s actions. In my opinion, mere compliance with rules, no matter how well-intentioned, does not make anyone an ethical person. Character is most closely aligned in philosophy with...

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