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Ethical Responsibility

In every business the employees have ethical responsibilities and it has to do with their personal beliefs. In the law firm, it is very important to show the clients of our honesty and professionalism. The way I behave in the organization is very much like as I do with my family. Gossiping with co-workers is a great example on how ethical responsibility comes in play, even though it is wrong to do it. It depends in the environment surroundings and the people around. Another responsibility in how we treat the clients, we want to make the clients feel satisfy. Not just satisfy, but also thankful for the service that was provided and the reason is because we treat our clients the way we want to be treated.


Non-verbal is the communication without words it can be communicated with posture, gesture, body language and facial expressions. The nonverbal communication at the organization consist of a facial expression which is a smile, good gesture which is helping to look for something, and also letting the co-worker ahead. In the morning it is not necessary to say Good Morning! A simple smile with be enough to show your manners. In the organization and it notice a lot when an employee is polite by helping, the help can be anything from looking for a pen to making copies. Also letting a co-worker ahead, for example holding the elevator for them to go in first just shows the good manners that are brought to the organization.

Differences between effective and efficient communication

Effective communication expresses the objective that is intended. It gets the results that were desired. In the organization the legal assistants are the ones that communicate effectively, they are the ones that describe how to accomplish the task in detail. They also have more communication with the employees. Efficient communication is using fewer words to give the objective. Like the saying,”Short and sweet and to the point.” Most of...

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