Ethics Awareness and Actions

Ethics Awareness and Actions

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Ethics Awareness 1

Running head: Ethics Awareness Inventory

Ethics Awareness Inventory

Janice Johnson

University of Arkansas

Cheryl-Jean Heintz

Ethics Awareness 2

Findings from Ethics Awareness Inventory

According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory, my ethical perspective involves me tending to base my perspectives on the results or consequences of my personal actions. I believe that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest good for the greatest number of individuals. My ethical style states that I believe we all have a moral right to experience the finer things in life or to at least be able to live comfortably. Frustrations I face in addressing ethical dilemmas is the fact that individuals that I encounter on a daily basis such as my co-workers may not share my ethical approaches. I totally agree with the findings from the inventory because I tend to focus my decision making on the immediate scope of the problem, which can create conflict because not everyone has the same perspective on certain issues as I.


Ethics are moral principles that assist an individual to decipher the best way to accomplish when faced with conflict when it comes to conflicting decisions. I personally believe ethics is fundamental to our human understanding and supplies a classified aspect to human communication.

Importance of Personal Ethical Perspectives

It is important to understand my personal ethical perspectives because I have to be mindful of the individuals that I will most immediately be affecting by my decisions. For example, as an employee for the State of Arkansas, a irresponsible decision may cost me
Ethics Awareness 3
to lose my job. When I am at my place of employment it is my duty to determine eligibility for medicaid benefits and supplemental nutritional food vouchers for individuals that...

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