Ethics Compliance

Ethics Compliance

Message from the Chief Executive Officer
Company X Corporation (the “Company”) is new company striving to create an atmosphere with the utmost standards of ethics and professional integrity. Creating this atmosphere and forging a stellar reputation is quintessential to our success. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most reliable accounting services and products by focusing on our customers, providing excellent service and always behaving honestly and with integrity. Employees of the company are expected to always treasure customers, and build strong personal relationships by being attentive, providing quality service and effective communication, and being courteous at all times. This code of conduct is designed to communicate the company’s shared values, work rules, expectations, and policies governing conduct and work performance of all employees. All employees should exhibit their commitment to these values in all their business interactions and relationships whether with, co-workers, customers, the general public, business suppliers, regulating agencies or competitors. In every situation, you should always meet the following standards:
1. Honesty

Be truthful in what you say and do. Never make misrepresentations, dishonest statements or statements intended to mislead or misinform. If it appears that anything you have said has been misunderstood or if you have made an incorrect statement, correct it

2. Integrity

Do the right thing, both ethically and legally. Never help anyone in our company or another organization, customer or individual (including regulators) in conducting or facilitating illegal or unethical conduct. Do not “look the other way” if you suspect or become aware of such activities.

3. Fairness

We are a competitive and aggressive company, and will explain in a fair and accurate manner the advantages of our services. Never...

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