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Ethics in Marketing
Article Review
MKG – 398
Marc Carson
October 14, 2013

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Main Issue/Topic
Marketing ethics was introduced in the 1990s. Substantial attention has been devoted to the topic in the academic and business press during the last decade. It was no longer uncommon to see journal articles that examined theoretical foundations or empirical results on this topic. The field moved from what was earlier believed as the oxymoron stage to one of academic legitimacy. This movement has occurred over a relatively short period of time. (Murphy, 1995)
The first articles on ethical issues in marketing appeared in the 1960s and were, for the most part, philosophical essays (Laczniak, 1993). The early empirical work dealing with the decision-making process tended to be lacking in a theoretical foundation. The research tradition in marketing ethics continued in the 1970s with modest work on the subject.
Nature & Significance
Commonly, ethics refer to the way in which people relate in a moral manner toward others in all of their various interactions. Marketing ethics refer specifically to the application of this basic morality in the conduct of business with their consumers and other related parties. Such a practice must necessarily include a conscious attempt by the businesses under consideration to apply moral principles when they are dealing with clients or other customers, especially when it comes to the production, pricing and...

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