Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination


Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

By Tiffany Dade

Axia University Of Phoenix


In one generation Hispanics explored, colonized over half the earth and water. Most historians credit Spain for the total discovery, exploration, and colonization of the western hemisphere. You will find this no where in the history of the human race has this ever occurred.
During the exploration and the colonization of what is now considered the United States the Hispanics established over 200 cities and towns through out the country. During this period which was between 1492 and 1542 approximately 300,000 Spaniards immigrated to what they called the new world.
Since the beginning of time that Hispanics have come to America they have faced many prejudices and racism. Over the years and as new generations come about the Hispanics do make breakthroughs on some of those prejudices but still today the battle is not over.
Some of the discriminations that Hispanics face along with many other minority groups are redlining. Redlining is where a company or corporations redline someone due to their race. This is where Hispanics applications are tossed into a reject bin without even reviewing the application. These applications are usually for home loans, getting insurance, housing assistance or any form of help. There is actually a lawsuit against Chrysler for redlining against minorities including Hispanics. This is where they would just toss the credit application into the reject bin without even reviewing or looking at it.


In reviewing the information double jeopardy is still a very dominate this day in age. The double jeopardy does not only apply to minority groups but also to gender. By gender I mean to women and not to male. The double jeopardy is where minorities and females do not make the some amount of money for a...

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