Ethnic Issues

Ethnic Issues

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Race and My Community:


June 07, 2008
I culturally identify with the ethnic group examined in this paper, even though I must admit that I do relate to the United States mainstream culture of today as well. I cannot hold any grudges or allow it to bear me down in today’s world, despite present discrimination. I know that it is a work in progress, and that we have come so far within the past few centuries that I look forward to the next generations benefiting from the one I live in now. I am a resident (your location here) and I belong to the Caucasian race. In the United States, Caucasian has principally been used as a characteristic based on skin color for a group commonly referred to as White Americans, as defined by the government and Census Bureau Caucasian Americans are described as non-Hispanic European American. In our community, there are approximately (your number here) people according to the 2000 census. The Caucasian race which is the majority, regarded as the mainstream of society. Most of the people in my community look like me. My culture is essentially European culture (Irish and English) as well as of Cherokee heritage. There is also a racially diverse group of people and students in our neighborhood and school who belong to the households.
The Asians and Black Americans look different from my community in their skin color, which is darker than my own, with dark eyes and hair. Caucasians are fair and most have light colored hair and blue, green, gray or brown eyes. The Hispanics have people with all skin color and mostly speak Spanish at home. Their facial features are also different from those who belong to the Caucasians. I personally have friends who belong to all races in school.
Culturally, (my town) is well known for its progressiveness, diversity, and acceptance of a variety of political viewpoints and ethnicities. Overall our leaders have been supportive...

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