Eugene Act

Eugene Act

Things to do in Eugene
Reddit Meet-ups (As of July 21st, 2012, UPDATE IF YOU RUN THESE)
Hendricks Park - When someone makes a post Horesehead 8pm - 1st Thursday of the month. (Still going as of April 2013) Old Pad 9pm - 2nd Thursday Of Month

Event Calendars:
Eugene Weekly - found in red metal boxes all over town. You can find all arts, music and movie venues and their schedules. New issues every Thursday. Eugene A Go-Go - is a comprehensive online arts and culture community developed and owned by the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE). Eugator - is a unified calendar for the technology community of Eugene, Oregon. We are an allvolunteer effort and encourage anyone to import, create, and edit events. Experience Eugene - is a website that was created for the purpose of promoting Arts & Culture, Community Events and Listings. It's a resource to find events including, but not limited to: Music Concerts and Performances, Theatre Events, Festivals, Art Events, Recreations Events, Fundraising Events, Sporting Events, and Community Events. KVAL Events - Eugene Check out Craigslist Events at:

Outdoors & Fun Stuff

Playground Sports - Organize your own team and have a ball! Bowling, Kickball, Basketball, Dodgeball and Volleyball. Frisbee Golf - Everyday at Westmoreland Park (18th + Chambers). Get discs at Play-it-Again Sports. Other courses in the area: Ultimate Frisbee - During summer Monday, Wednesday 3:pm at Riverfront fields. Volleyball at 3pm on Sundays during summer. Where: South Eugene High School sand courts (between 19th and 24th along the bike path west of the school, can't miss them) Note: this is not an official group!...

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