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The Devils Foot

The devils foot is similar to the speckled band in a number of ways
for example te characters are very similar. As the villains bothThe Final Problem

The final problem was intended to be the last
story ever to be written about Sherlock Holmes.
The reader is concerned about Holmes from the start because Watson says 'these are the last words I shall ever record, the singular gifts by which my friend Mr Sherlock Holmes was distinguished.' This suggests that something is going to happen to Holmes.
The two main characters are Holmes and Moriarty. They have a disagreement during the story. Holmes vs Moriarty. Holmes says that ' if I could beat that man if I could free society of him, then I should feel that my own career had reached its summit. This suggests that there is a psychological rivalry between Moriarty and Holmes. Which gets the reader worried that something is going to happen to Holmes, making them want to read on .
When they arrived in Switzerland it really interests the reader.

There is hoax letter sent out for Watson to leave Holmes side to go and help a sick woman. But it turns out it was just a hoax. Holmes knows this but doesn't say anything but when Watson finds out its a hoax a tense climax is built up.
When Watson finds out there is a vivid description of Holmes and Moriarty fighting to the death. This has a big effect on the reader making them wanting to know what is gong to happen.