Evaluate My Leadership Skills Within a Team and How I Can Develop Them.

Evaluate My Leadership Skills Within a Team and How I Can Develop Them.

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Evaluate my leadership skills within a team and how I can develop them.

Alfred Adler who was a follower of Freud strongly believed in the importance of social context in personality
“The individual becomes an individual only in a social context. Other system of psychology make a distinction between what they call individual psychology and social psychology, but for us there is no such distinction” Adler, 1929/1969. p.95)
Adler says we have the internal capacity for relationships with others. This involves more than membership in a particular group.
In order to achieve a good result people have to work together as a team. The team members are working with a high degree of interdependence, the share of power and responsibility for self-government, are responsible for the collective work, and work towards a common goal and common interest.
I've heard that expression "Nobody is perfect but a team can be". To person who works alone harder to solve his problems. Therefore, if it receives a difficult problem which he can't finish it can lead to that he can throw it and without beginning. So in the team everyone is motivated by the fact that it may disappoint the other members of his team with failing his job that was given to him. To achieve effective and best results, it is necessary to consider the strengths and weaknesses of team members. Consequently, it is necessary to divide the work, considering all the good and bad sides of each team member. The real benefit in the group is that members can present many ideas, but the fact that these ideas can then ignite new or to be developed by others, so that everyone could participate in the discussion. Moreover, each team member must respect the ideas of another. Also, teamwork helps to save time.
Every team is needs a leader to control the actions of other...

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