Evaluate the effectiviness of business informationm

Evaluate the effectiviness of business informationm

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 D2 Sandra
EasyJet is a multi-billion international airline organisation. Ryan air being their competitors. Easy Jet, as stated on their website, are “Europe's leading airline, operating on over 600 routes across more than 30 countries with our fleet of over 200 Airbus aircraft. We employ over 8,000 people including 2,000 pilots and 4,500+ cabin crew. Last year we flew over 60 million passengers.” First I will contrast the two airline companies’ websites. When you click on RyanAirs dashboard, you are greeted This is aimed towards their suppliers as listed on their website it says the following ‘Through our ethical trading programme we continue to make certain our products are made in a clean and safe environment, in accordance with all relevant legislation and by workers who are treated with respect and paid fairly. We remain an active board member of the Ethical Trading Initiative.’

Easyjet are communicating this to show that they are very efficient with what they do and how they do it. This can build a positive customer perception that they are indeed professional and efficient. Many more benefits comes from reputation and word of mouth. Though by having the eco-friendly intention, they are adhering to their rules of ‘being responsible for our impact on the environment’ and ‘acting in an ethical manner’.

With Easy jet, being as successful as they are, in order to maintain continuous improvement, they must operate in a responsible way. They do this by following 4 simple rules:
-Acting in an ethical manner
-Taking care of their employees
-Being responsible for the impact on the environment
-Delivering value to our customers

It is evident they follow these values by the corporate information they present and in the manner in which they communicate them. They claim that these values are there to ‘bring value to all their stakeholders including shareholders’. They say that these values are in place as this is what they believe is the right thing...

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