Evaluating Technology

Evaluating Technology

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Courtney Price

March 3, 2010

First Year Seminar

Prof. DeSandies

Evaluating Technology

Psychology (psychologist) is the career that I investigated and I chose to use

www.bing.com, www.yahoo.com, and www.lycos.com as my three search engines.

Yahoo offers the most information and web pages but Bing gives the most relevant

information. Masters and Doctoral Level Careers in Psychology and Related Areas is an

article written by a Dr. Lloyd, who has his doctorate degree in child psychology. It was

an unbiased article and its objective is to give information on psychology and related

fields. It doesn’t try to sway you to any particular career or idea. Although it was posted

November 1,2002, the information is still relevant today. The article is geared towards

people who want to do counseling or anything related to psychology, whether it be

education, social work, etc. This web page covered every aspect of the topic, from

forensic psychology to sports psychology.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition was written by United

States Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau and Labor Statistics. The information on this

web page was fair, it stated facts and gave statistics. There was no slanted view because

the they weren’t trying to sell anything....

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